Monday, February 04, 2008

Marraige Monday-My most memorable Valentines Day

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I have to start this post with a funny little story.

My AA news motor route ran really great this morning. This allowed me to get home in plenty of time to ride to church with my family.

My husband and I were setting in Sunday school waiting for class to start. I had been trying to remember which Anniversary it was that my husband had given me a gift everyday for five days. I wrote on Saturday that my 22nd wedding anniversary is coming up on Valentines Day.

I told my husband that it was marriage Monday again in the blogging world. I told him I was going to write about my most memorable Valentines Day. I asked if he remembered which Valentines Day it was that he showered me with all the gifts.

He looked at me and said, “Oh, if that isn't a big hint”. I laughed so hard! I had to try to stifle my laugh because Sunday school was about to start. He is just so funny! I swear, I was only trying to remember which year it was.

Now, I want to write about my most memorable Valentines Day.

On our 18th Wedding Anniversary/Valentines Day, my husband made it very special. Everyday for a whole week I received a gift.

The first gift was a white teddy bear with candy. I had no idea that, that was just the beginning. He had never done anything like this before and I guess, I was just so surprised by this side of him.

The second day, I received my favorite cookie- It was a huge fortune cookie with Chocolate & nuts on top. My favorite cookie happens to be fortune cookies. I don’t get Chinese food for the food but for the cookies. Needless to say, I ate the whole cookie by myself. Yum, Yum, Yummy.

Day three, I received a beautiful vase of my favorite flowers. Carnations-They last a long time and they are so pretty.

On day four, I received “The Love Letter”. My husband printed it on fancy paper and put it in a frame. “I’m still looking for it”. We moved a few years ago and it is somewhere upstairs packed away in a box. I’ll post it as soon as I find it.

Day five was our Anniversary/Valentines Day. My husband made this day so special. He made me a home cooked meal of my favorite foods. Chicken Parmigiana, a salad with Raspberry vinaigrette dressing, and some yummy garlic bread. For dessert, he made me a homemade Carrot cake.

After our meal he had one more gift for me.

There is a little story behind my gift I need to share. Before my husband and I got married. He gave me a beautiful ruby ring. It was his commitment to me that I was the only woman for him. He has been a Godly, faithful, kind, loving husband all these years.

When I was pregnant with our third child my hands were really swelled, the ring was cutting into my finger. I took it off and placed it in my purse. After I had Aaron I went to find it so I could wear it again. It was gone!

My husband knew how much that ring meant to me but we couldn’t afford to purchase a replacement. (He told me once I could be more responsible he would buy me another one, hee, hee) After dinner my husband handed me a package, inside was a beautiful ruby ring. The promise that he made when we were dating, still holds true today. He has always been faithful to me. Every time I look at my ring, I remember the promise he made to me years ago when we were dating, that he would always be mine.

I have always been attracted to a certain type of man. (My Type) Here are some of the things that attracted me to my husband and why I still love him so much today:

My husband is the head of our home, he leads our family in a God fearing manner. He is our provider and protector. I feel very safe and secure with him.

He was and is very handsome with lots of beautiful hair.

I love his eyes, they tell so much about how he feels about me.

The way he treated/treats his mom.

As we all know, the way they are before we marry them is the way they will be after we marry them. It only gets worse! These are the qualities, I watched for while we were dating.

He wasn't/isn't a flirt-

He had friends that were girls but it wasn't the norm to see him hanging around a bunch of women.

He wasn't/isn't a ladies man-

My husband has always been a very handsome man. Even when we worked together at McDonald's he had woman coming on to him. He was and is so faithful to me.

He had/has guy friends not just girl friends-

My husband doesn't believe woman and men can be best friends unless you are married to them. One or the other is going to have strong feeling for the other. This he says, is normally the woman but not always.

He loved/loves me and my son (before I got married) our children (now) and grandchildren-

On his lunch hour from work he would come to my sons t-ball games. He now is at every sporting event he can be at involving our children and grandchildren.

My husband puts his family before everything else- We are not at the bottom of his long list, we are at the top.

My husband's calendar is filled with our children's Wrestling practices/meets/tournaments, our children's dentist/orthodontist/doctor's appointments. It was never filled or isn't filled with lunch dates/dinner dates/parties/sports.

He was and still is the first man I call when I need anything spiritually, emotionally, physically or just if I think of something funny I need to share.

My husband has and will drop everything for his family. He has done this over and over before we were married and throughout our marriage. He always makes himself available to us.

BTW-A big Thank you to all the people that asked about my husband's appointment. He has to have an MRI and blood work. I'll post results when I get them. Keep praying please!


Jan Parrish said...

Sounds like some wonderful memories.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

That is such a sweet Valentine's day! Oh and your anniversary is on Valentine's Day! How special!

Choc Mint Girl said...

Hi hi... A big hint... Yeah, that's funny! A coincidental question hi hi hi...

I love reading this post, Lori. Sweet and you really have a wonderful husband. My prayers are always with you and family. Please take good care. :)

Anonymous said...

awww i loved that. what a beautiful thing he could do for you!

Kristy said...

What a beautiful post, Lori.
What a precious couple you are!
Thank you for all your support throughout this adoption, I can feel your prayers my friend. Bless you.
Know that your family is in my prayers.....

Kristy said...
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Faith said...

How beautiful! I loved reading this. I like the qualities you listed too and you are so blessed to have a godly husband...I praise the Lord for mine! It is so great to read all these marriage monday posts, isn't it? God is good!!

Lynn said...


This is an awesome post. I am so encouraged to read these words about this man. I want to meet you and him in heaven one day.

EXCELLENT! Happy Valentines Day!

Connie Marie said...

What a very nice husband. He can even bake! I am impressed.


Heather said...

That is so sweet!

groovyoldlady said...

You are a seriously well-blessed woman!

Thanks for sharing your life with us.

e-Mom said...

Does your husband have a brother? (Just kidding... his brother could, in fact, be my husband!)

I loved your story of your best Valentine's ever. Wow. What a wonderful man. Thanks for sharing your "teaching" too.

And thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday, Lori.

Just a reminder to vote for next month's topic, if you haven't already. :~D

Amel's Realm said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW...such a WONDERFUL story, Lori!!!

He IS really handsome...but you're also GORGEOUS. I love looking at both your pics. I hope our marriage will be as wonderful as yours he he he...

Amel's Realm said...

Oh yeah, forgot to say: HOPE I'll hear good news about the MRI and blood work. I'll remember him in my prayers! ;-D

Jim said...

Lori, your husband sounds like everything a husband should be.
And I can tell your love for him is very strong.
I hope I am in the acceptable range, but some places I might not make a 100 (school teacher in me wants a grade).
I will keep praying for him and for all of you.

Lori said...

Marriage Monday was Wonderful!!!!

I love all of your comments and I loved reading all of your stories.

I can't wait until my Anniversary next Thursday.

We are going out to dinner and to the movies after that. I'll have to fill you'll in on this one. (chick flick)

I then will have something very special planned for my husband. The kids will be staying with my son and daughter-in-law. : )

I'll write all about it soon. (I'll keep it PG)

Speaking from the Heart said...

I love your Valentine's Day story. From reading your blog, I know that you love him less than yesterday, but more than tomorrow.

Happy Anniversary.