Thursday, January 17, 2008

Take a deep Breath!

As some of you know, I have been reposting this week. I have done this for two reasons.

1. I've been a bit busy-Let's just say this; I keep myself busy so I stay out of trouble. Trouble still seems to be able to knock its ugly little head at my door.

Monday- I cleaned my house. This includes dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing all the floors on my hands and knees. bathroom cleaning includes the following-all the walls, tub, floors, wood floors get vacuumed and a good quick shine put on them. I don't want to forget, windows. It was off to work at 1:00 p.m. for me. Monday evening we went out to dinner and ran errands. This really helps to keep up on things around here the rest of the week.

Tuesday- I trained again on how to do my back brakes. (My friend trained me in his heated garage) He is going to work with me one more time and I am then, on my own. I am a bit excited to try doing them myself. I do my front brakes already, doing my back brakes will save us a bit of money each year. I was off to work doing my motor route after that. I had my grandchildren Tuesday evening while my husband worked and my daughter-in-law took the kids to wrestling practice. She was trying to get us some information regarding the up coming tournaments. I love having Jenna and Ethan, we played with legos.

Wednesday- I prepared for Awana Wednesday morning. Went to work at 11:30 a.m. I served in Awana in the evening. I can't wait to get pictures of my girls this year. They are such darlings, I love all of them so very much.

Thursday- I asked if I could have Jenna and Ethan over until I went to work. (This really helps me to not get lonely around here. Plus, I love being with my grandchildren) I worked out for a while tonight (This really helps to calm me down) and it is now bedtime and off to work at 1:00 a.m.

That covers my week so far. DEEP BREATH!

2. I wanted to let some of my new blogging friends know a little about me as well.

Things are going to get a bit busy now that wrestling tournaments are about to start up. Saturday, is our first really big tournament. Jimmy, John and Bo are wrestling at it and so is my oldest Grandson Josh. I am working at it. I then have to go to my cleaning job when I am done. You all know I do a motor route in the early a.m. on Saturday and Sunday mornings. It will all work out I am sure. Take deep breaths!

We have our Awana Chums sleepover tomorrow night! Yea! I'm looking forward to a great time with the girls and the Leaders. Fun, Fun and more fun. That reminds me I have to come up with some songs to sing.

I am suppose to start a new cleaning job tomorrow, if my friend Joe sends me the address. (I sing with Joe in a group and also on our Worship team) The people I use to clean for on Friday moved out West so this will fill that slot. That means I'm going to be a bit busy from now until Sunday afternoon.

My boys have already asked if their best friends can spend the night Sunday evening. NO school Monday!! I can't wait to sleep in.

I pray you all have a wonderful rest of the week and a great weekend. I hope to be back on Monday with pictures from the girls Lock-in and the wrestling tournament.

Jr. Wolverine Wrestling Tournament-

Jr. Wolverine Wrestling Website

Volunteer assignments for Saturday

This will be my responsibility on Saturday.

1Kenna Smith
2Lori Householder
3Bob Taub

Camera (All Day)
1Jeremy Stimac

Security (All Day)

1Brian Hall
2David Hall
3Steve Beckett

4EMU help (1)

1Telisha Payne

2EMU help (1)

1Jim Mason
2Tim Hula
3Steve Smith

1Weigh-in (Fri. 4p-7p)
2Jim Mason***
3Brian Hall***
4Tim Hula
5Tracy Phillips

Admissions (7a-12p)

1Gary Grace/Sandy Hughes
2Fernando Payne
3Jihad Hammoud

Table Help (9:30a-5:30p)
Mat 1Rich Strader
2Cindy Strader
3Donnie Henry
4Tracy Phillips
5Jim Householder

12Scott Powers

13Kathy Clyde
14 Clyde


1Jessica Griffin
2Kim Henry

1Dawn Hall (All Day)
2Jeanne White (7a-12p)
3Lynn Jones (7a-12p)
4Pam Kuzel (9a-3p)
5Sam Iaquinto (8a-2p)
6Adrienne Royce (12p-5p)
7D'Anne Hula (12p-5p)


Jim said...

Lori, it sounds like you have enough help there.
It's rather cold out to be working on brakes.
Have a good weekend, you sure are busy!

Lori said...

Hey Jim,

The club brings in a lot of wrestlers , which brings in a lot of parents. We are required to help at the tournaments if our children are involved. It is really a lot of fun, plus the U of M wrestler's are all there helping as well. The kids all get their t-shirts signed. It is pretty exciting for the children and parents.

The guy that is teaching me how to do my own back brakes has a headed garage. His wife also lets me come inside if I get cold.

Kathy said...

I don't know if I could keep up your schedule! You stay so busy!

Lori said...


I can't explain this away.


lin said...