Sunday, January 13, 2008

The answer IS...

The story will have to wait until I have time but the answer is: Drum roll please boom, boom, boom

The Answer is:
7 girls equals 14 legs

49 backpacks (Backpacks do not have legs, hee, hee)

343 big cats equals 1372 legs

2401 little cats equals 9604 legs

10990 Legs altogether

You had to count all the legs:
each girl has Two legs,
each girl has Seven backpacks (backpacks do not have legs hehe,)
in each of the seven backpacks are Seven big cats (4 legs each,)
for every big cat there are Seven little cats (each little cat has 4


MaMa said...

NOT SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER, who could not get it either!!lol


Neva said...

But what about the bus driver?



Lori said...

Mom and Neva,

Don't worry, I would have never gotten it. If it weren't for Bo, I'd still be fishing for the answer.

I just can't see how those girls carried those heavy backpacks. " )

8:10 AM

groovyoldlady said...

Ya know, I've HAD 5th graders. Mine would have wanted to know if they could have one of the kittens. They would have NEVER done the math to get the answer!

I was, I see now, VERY wrong with my answer! Silly me.