Monday, February 19, 2007

Vaction time, time to lose the winter Weight!

A few weeks back my husband asked me if I wanted to try and go away for Spring break this year. He asked me where I would like to go. We have never taken the family away for Spring break before so I really don't even have a clue as to where I would like to go. I told him to come up with something and I will try and get the time off of my three jobs. The route is the one that I didn't know if I could get covered. I am contracted by the AA News. This means I have to cover my routes myself. I don't get vacation time off.

My husband told me he found a spot that he would like to take the family. It is a cabin resort up at Boyne Mountain. It sounds like a wonderful vacation. I found out yesterday that my two subs can cover my routes. I was so excited to be able to come home and tell my family that we get to go.

Today, I start my diet and exercise program. I want to get to 115 pounds before we leave in a little over a month. We will be swimming and skiing if there is still snow. The cabin sounds lovely! My husband has it reserved for our family. It is time to get this old body in shape for swim suit season.

It will be hard but I know I can lose the 15 pounds. I am going to hold myself accountable by posting my weight loss and daily exercise program on the right hand side of my blog, daily.

This is all the blogging I have time for right now. I have to run! My mother-in-law is coming over at 9:30 a.m. to look at and pick out which of A.J.'s senior pictures she would like for herself and her family.

This morning I ran for 25 minutes. I'll be fasting for three days to get the ball rolling. On Wednesday, my husband has a one month meal plan written out for me. I'll post it as soon as he gives it to me.


dot said...

Lorie, That's really wonderful that your family will get a vacation! I think most of us are trying to lose a few pounds and it's really hard. I hope you don't make yourself sick trying to lose weight. Seems to me like it will be too cold to get into a swim suit for a few months yet.I honestly don't know how you have time to eat anyway as busy as you are!

lori said...

Motivation will help me lose weight. I am very driven by motivation! Boyne Mountain resort has an indoor pool.

PEA said...

How wonderful that you and your family will be able to go away on Spring Break!! I can just imagine how excited you are:-) Good luck with the dieting!! xox

lori said...


Thank you! I am really excited I get to go on Vaction.