Saturday, February 03, 2007

How I spent my Friday Night!

Last night was a busy night! After I got off of work, I went to pick up my oldest grandson. Josh is 8 and my son Bo's best friend. My husband wanted to take all the boy's sledding this morning. My job was to find all the hats, gloves, scarf’s, boots, snow pants and sleds. This is the first time this year we have had enough snow on the ground and the time to go. We spend every weekend at wrestling tournaments now. This is the first weekend that the boy's didn't have a tournament and could go. A.J. had a wrestling meet but it was an hour and a half away from our house, my husband and I both work on Saturday afternoons so we couldn't go to the tournament today.

When my husband takes the kids sledding he likes to take them to a hill that he used to sled on when he was a young boy. It is right around the corner from the house his grandmother lived in. I was going to go and take pictures but it is just too darn cold out this morning. I worked my route through the night last night and that is all I could take of the cold for one day. Tonight it is suppose to be in the minuses wind chill factor. I know I will survive but I am not looking forward to being out all night delivering newspapers in the cold and wind. I'm not complaining, I am blessed to be able to work. I'm just saying it is going to be very cold.

When I was a young girl my mother would dress me up in my winter clothes and make me go out. She said I needed the exercise, I was always real skinny so I could never figure out why she made me go out. (She was, and is a good mom) After 15 minutes I would come in the house crying, (this is no lie, I would be crying like a baby) telling my mom I had frost bite on my fingers and my toes. I thought for sure my limps were going to fall off. We still laugh about that til this day. I could never figure out why I couldn't just sit in my room and play with my dolls. I just couldn't take the cold then and I can't take it now. I try not to cry now about the cold but I do complain and whine when I get chilled and I have to lay in bed until I get warm again.

I'm sure they will have a great morning out with or without me.

I'll be busy working the rest of the day.


Barb said...

My goodness, Lori. I could never keep up with you. You're busy!

How fun for the kids but I'm with you. They'd be going without me. I'd be the one at home whipping up the hot chocolate!

Your Christian joke of the day in your sidebar is cute. Amazing the things we come across out here.

PEA said...

Always having lived here in Northern Ontario, I'm quite used to the very frigid temperatures we get in the winter can be in the minuses and I still don't wear a hat, gloves, scarf, etc. I have my coat and my boots! lol Hope the kids had fun sledding!! Hugs xox

lori said...


I love you dear blogging friend. As my husband always says, I do what I want to do. If I didn't keep myself busy I don't think I'd make it very long.

Pea, & Barb,

The kids had a blast this morning with dad/Papa. He went all out; he took them sledding, out to eat and to game stop to get a game for their DS. What a dad and awesome husband, the kids and I have.

I think I will keep him for another 21 years or so.

Pea, I don't think I could handle to much cold weather. This morning on my route I had a hooded sweetshirt, a zip up sweetshirt, my winter coat and my gloves. I was still cold. I know, I am a wimp!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Hope you had a good Saturday! :) Just as cold here...

lori said...

J. Lockhart,

I did have a good Saturday. My wonderful children went with me to my Janitors job at my church and helped me clean it. I can now relax a little tonight.

I pray your day was a good one.



donna said...

thank you for your prayers


Jim said...

This Saturday sounds like more fun and less problems than Friday was.

Thanks for the Technorati thing. I will reciprocate if you like, but not tonight.

e-Mom said...

I don't like the cold either! I can just imagine you as a little girl being frozen to death. I can hardly wait for spring here. Sunny days and daffodils sound good don't they?