Friday, February 09, 2007

God was watching out for my Daughter Today!

Oh boy, what a long day this turned out to be. What I thought, would and should have been a very calm, quiet day at the home front, ended up being a very long, long day.

I had a very uneasy feeling about my daughter today. I am not crazy (I don’t think) nor can I tell what might happen in the future but I felt like something wasn’t right concerning my daughter. From the time I got out of bed this morning, until she finally called me at 1:00 p.m. I felt this overwhelming feeling like something was wrong.

I tried to get a hold of Bec on her cell phone starting early this morning. I finally called her employment at 8:50 a.m. to see if she arrived yet. They told me Bec wouldn't be in today. I felt ill! I tried her cell-phone, our home phone, and her best friend’s phone several times, before she finally called me. She wreaked her car this morning and was really worried about telling me. The rule in our house has always been we will pay your insurance while your living at home, unless you get a speeding ticket or in an accident that is their fault. Which will give them a ticket and raise our insurance? Bec got out of a speeding ticket when she was 16 years old. They gave her community service instead of giving her a ticket. The judge did not want to punish us by Bec's bad judgment to speed. I just PTL!!!! She was not hurt and the driver of the other car was not hurt. My whole route was spent on the phone with her, my son, my daughter-in-law, my husband trying to get all the things that had to be handled, handled. .

Bec was behind a Semi and went to turn into her friend’s Mobile home Park and didn't see an oncoming car. I went to see the car at her friend’s house this evening; I wanted to see for myself just how bad it was. I don't think the car is going to make it out alive. The whole front right fender is gone; it blew out the tire, and deployed both air bags.

I didn't end up having that quiet movie night that I so looked forward to this morning. I remember a person telling me these words, "There is always someone that has it worse off than you do". My daughter-in-law wasn’t talking about me but as I delivered my papers I finally took the time to look at the front page of the AA News I was delivering. On the front cover, the top story read as follows, "Three children die in apartment fire". My heart broke as I read this article today. I have my baby girl and this poor woman lost all of her children today. I was so upset about her insurance being raised and how she was going to get back and forth to work, I didn't see what a blessing it was that I still have my daughter.

Bec and I spent the evening together for the first time in a long time. My husband needed me to get our boy's some food items for their wrestling tournament tomorrow. When Bec was in High School we were together all the time. Wherever I went, she wanted to go with me or wanted me to go with her. Now, that she has been out of school for 2 years, she is with her friends all the time and I still have 4 boys’ at home that need me. We pledged tonight that we were going to make more time for each other. I have been taking her lunch a few times a week lately but I don’t feel like that is enough. I just need to make sure I am making time for her.

I am so grateful that I still have the opportunity to spend time with Bec, to try to spend more time with her. My daughter and I get alone just fine I just miss her a lot. I know they have to grow up and we have to cut the apron strings but it is very hard.

After talking with her dad, we decided she is going to have to drive our very old van. It is 13 years old and not in great shape on the inside, but it runs and it will get her back and forth to work, until she can afford a different car. When Bec graduated from High School her dad put a $1000.00 down on a Pontiac Sun fire; it was a cute little sports car. She had to take over the $122.00 dollar payments a month. That was her only bill. This will be a hard lesson for her to have to drive an old van and take over her insurance but rules are rules.

Parenting is not an easy thing to do. I can work my 3 jobs any day of the week and do it without much effort on my part. I do my job and leave it behind until I have to go back the next time. Raising children is an on going challenge. Everyday we get new surprises that we have to face and make the right decision on. If we are consistent as parents and follow through with what we say, our children will learn and grow from it. I know that this is easier said than done. I have been a mom for 29 years; (boy am I old) I wouldn't trade my children for anything in the world or all it's challenges. God has given me 6 blessings; one of my blessings has been out on his own for 11 years now. He has a good job and a beautiful family. I only have 5 to go!


PEA said...

God was watching over her for sure! I'm so glad that she's ok, you said, other things can be replaced but not our children!!

byhisgracealone said...

I think God was watching over both of us...if you read my first post for today...two on a saturday...good for me!!

Jim said...

Hi Lori, yes, God is blessing you a lot. Becky will come out of this, I hope 'for her good.'
Already it seems out of that there is good through it for you guys' relationship.
Thanks for the update on your step-father.

Linda said...

God is good Lori. I'm so glad she is all right.

lori said...

PEA,Hi Lori, yes, God is blessing you a lot. Becky will come out of this, I hope 'for her good.'
Already it seems out of that there is good through it for you guys' relationsh

I am so glad that she is o.k. also. Thank you for your your well wishes. You are right, things can be replaced but not our children.


I am so thankful that your daughter didn't get hurt. I think you are right, God was watching out for both our baby girls.


Yes, God is blessing me lots. Becky will come out of this more responsible I think. I made her do most of the things that needed to be done, herself. I want that special relationship back we once had. It is just a lot of hard work when we are both so busy.


God is good!!!Thank you for your very kind comment.