Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy 14th Birthday John & Jimmy

My twins turn 14 on Saturday. It seems like it was yesterday that they were just babies.

I can't believe my boy's are teenagers! Yikes, one3 more year and they could be driving. Daddy told them last night, only if their grades are up will they be driving.



Sunday right after church we are having family over to celebrate their birthday. (Mom & Dad can you make it? 12:30 for lunch) We always let the person that has the birthday, pick out the meal for the day. Something special we do around here.

Jimmy wanted Hamburgers, Shrimp, and a Confetti Cake with Confetti frosting.

John wanted Cheesy Potatoes and Green bean Casserole, and a Confetti Cake with Confetti Frosting.

We will add some other goodies to the menu.

I have no idea how it works out that Jimmy seems to always pick the main dish and John picks out the sides. It works!

The boy's will be spending the night tonight with their best friends Paul and Matt Miller. They will be vacationing with them at the end of the month. What a treat for my boy's.

I love to have parties! Life is short, we might as well enjoy it while we can, don't you think!


groovyoldlady said...

How fortunate for you that they both want the same cake!

I want to encourage by letting you know I am following your example of being the solution to my hubby's midlife crisis. I got a stylish haircut, I am working out regularly and losing weight. I wear attractive clothes when my man is home. I feel good and look decent and he is VERY appreciative! Thanks for being such a cool example!

Greg C said...

Wow I didn't know they were twins. Way to go Lori. Sounds like a great dinner to me. 12:00 you say? I noticed that about the cake too. Good thing they agree.

Greg C said...
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