Monday, July 14, 2008

New hair and More!

This is Jimmy & John my 14 year old twins. I think next year we are going to have to make two cakes or catch my hair on fire trying to light them and carry it to the table. I think Jimmy was happy with all he got.
Hey John, What did you get?
I've been a bit busy around the house this week getting ready for the twins Birthday party. Friday was my 3rd Chemo treatment. It did set me back a bit. My body didn't react to this one the way the others did. You can read that on my "Journey with Cancer blog".

Saturday wasn't so bad! After I got rid of my headache I was able to clean the house, make the cake, cheesy potatoes and go to my Janitors job.

Sunday after church my family all came over for Jimmy and John's Birthday party. I have stated so many times how much I love being with family. It was fun and we had a super time. Down below are some updated pictures of my lovely family.

Thanks Dad, Mom, Shi Shi, Malie, Grandma Householder, Bret, Jessica, Josh, Ethan and Jenna for making Jimmy and John's party so wonderful. I didn't get all the pictures that I normally do but I'll get some updated ones of my Dad and Mom soon. I guess I was a bit tired.

This is my oldest son Bret, Jessica his beautiful wife and my adorable granddaughter Jenna.

I had to get some pictures of Jenna posing for her Nana.

This picture of Boaz and I was taken last Friday evening July 4th. As you can see I still had my own hair. This picture of Aaron and I was taken July 6th, 2008. This is the day after all of my hair fell out. This is my new hair for a while.

This is a picture of my daughter Becca and her boyfriend James.


Greg C said...

I like the new hairdo. I am about to get most of mine cut off today. Looks like it was a great birthday party. I didn't realize you had so many children.

Anonymous said...

I was with my beautiful daughter and family yesterday. Our Lori looks Great.
As much as she is going through she looks so good. Please Keep Praying for her as I see Our Lord carrying her.
Praise Him

I Love you Daughter


Lori said...


Yea, I have lots of children. We have some fun times. Thanks for the hair comment. One good thing about a wig, I won't have to worry about getting a hair cut for a while. LOL!


I sure enjoyed our Sunday afternoon together. Thanks again for coming.

I love family time!


Kathy said...

Your family is beautiful, and so are you. Your new hair looks great and very natural!

Kathy said...
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