Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Sunday to ya'll!

My Thanksgiving was great! I wish, I would have captured a few pictures, but I left my camera in the car, I was to cold to run out and get it. I'm going to ask my sister-in-law if I can get a few pictures from her. It was wonderful to have our whole family together, (Minus, Becca and Aaron) what a blessing to see so many happy faces. I think my brother said he counted 60 people at his home for Thanksgiving. I have a very big family. WE have FIVE new babies in the family this year!

My fondest Thanksgiving day memory;

As a little girl growing up, I would wake up early in the morning to watch the Thanksgiving day parade. I can still smell the Turkey cooking, and hear my dad and my mom working together in the kitchen, to prepare for our meal. I would watch the parade with an eager, joyful heart, in anticipation of Santa coming down the street, on one of the floats. (I'm a little embarrassed to admit this but I believed in Santa until I was 13) Santa would get out of his float to meet the Mayor of Detroit, to receive the key to the city. Before, he received the key, he would read off some of the names of the good boys and girls. Now that I am all grown up, (LOL!!) I know that Lori was just a common name but he would read my name and tears would come to my eyes. (Oh goodness) The memories still make me smile! (Thank you MOM for creating such wonderful memories)

This year, when I walked in the door from my very long Motor route. (10:30 p.m. until 10:00 a.m.) What do you think was on our TV? Yes, my husband had hooked up the Cable and he had the Thanksgiving Day parade on for me.(and the kids, I'm sure) I made it just in time to see Santa coming down the street. We don't do Santa at our house but we still put most of the gifts out on Christmas eve, I have always done stockings for our children. I put all the things out after the kids go to bed, my children look forward to this each year. When I saw Santa on the TV I waved and waved, I yelled out! "HELLO SANTA" just like I did when I was a little girl. Yes, that feeling of joy came rushing back over me, it was, as if I were 10 again. (My family just puts up with my immaturity) Such great memories!!!

Worship today was "WONDERFUL" Pastor Brian preached out of John and Pastor Rowe did our communion service. Our Worship band members did a great job on the songs. Wow, was it good. On my Motor Route this morning, I tried to only concentrate on preparing my heart to lead God's people in worship today. I played our Wednesday evening practice CD over and over. I wanted to truly be able to Worship the Lord with all my heart, holding nothing back. I can truly say I had the feeling this morning, like I had come home! Home to friends who all have the same goal in mind, to Glorify our Lord and Savior. Our Worship leader was back with us today! It felt like my whole family was together again! My family in the Lord, (They are so dear to me) all striving for the same goal, to bring Glory to our ONE and only Savior, Jesus Christ.
May we give Him all the praise He deserves! YOUR AWESOME LORD!

Today, I have to head off to a Birthday party for one of my Great nieces, she turns one today. (It is 5:43 p.m. and I just woke up, that means, I missed the party)

As I slept today, I received many phone calls! One was from my daughter-in-law. I just called her back and she is all ready for us to sit down and go over our Christmas list together. She knew I was supposed to go to the party today, so she was making fun a bit. It seems like every time I sit down and close my eyes these days, I go to sleep. I think I am just like a little child! I go, ando go until my body finally tells me, YOU ARE DONE! I do admit, I might be a little carried away with the exercise program that I am on. Instead of sleeping last night, I worked out for a hour and then took my shower and got ready for work. My daughter-in-law thinks I need to be committed! : ) I sure am glad she loves me for who, I am, flaws and all! I think I make her laugh!

I sure do pray all of you, had a great Thanksgiving! I pray you always remember to count your blessings.


Live, Love, Laugh said...

This was a wonderful post, thanks so much for sharing!!

Amel's Realm said...

WONDERFUL post, Lori! I enjoyed reading it SO much. Glad to hear your Thanksgiving was blessful. ;-D

Jan Parrish said...

I loved reading such joyous Thanksgiving day memories. Thanks for sharing.

Deepak Gopi said...

Gr8 post .
Thanks a lot for all your prayers .

Anonymous said...

Okay I too will admit I yelled Merry Christmas we watched the parade. LOL
I too enjoy all those memories my daughter mentioned.
Thanks for reminding me of my little girl. Who still is my little girl all grown up.


Kathy said...

You are so funny! I have some wonderful childhood memories also.
I love hearing someone who gets excited about worship!

groovyoldlady said...

My folks weren't Christians when i was growing up. I remember we always put out cookies and beer for Santa (my mom asserted that he'd be sick of milk by the time he got to our house). Then on Christmas morning the beer was gone and there were only crumbs on the plate.

I still rememeber how THRILLED I was that he actually eaten our offering, as it were.

We don't do santa with our kids, but we do strive to keep that sense of wonder alive with lots of mysteries and secrets...

Jim said...

Hi Lori -- This is a very inspiring post. Doesn't a good worship service do a person soooo much good! I think God likes it even better than we do!

That Christmas shopping can get a person down. Mrs. Jim and I shopped for birthday gifts today, one Dec 11, two Dec 15. My grandson in California is the 11th but he is there, we are here.