Monday, March 12, 2007

Update on my Step-dad

I emailed my mom my post this morning. I know they are going through some very tough times right now. My Step-dad has already had Heart bypass surgery almost a year ago. He is now having lung problems and he has had three strokes. I think my poor mom is beside herself with worry and frustation. My mom's email will update you all as to what is going on with him now.

My mom just sent me this picture of my adopted sisters; Shiyona (9 years old) and Maali (4 years old).

Living for the simple things in life: Mini-Stroke

Living for the simple things in life: My Step-dad and Mom



I have been doing okay until the past week. I guess with Dad's surgery rescheduled for May and knowing that we are going into spring with things we would like to do. Dad always has his agenda for spring. I told him to get it canceled until at least the middle of the month. He gets a heart monitor tomorrow to see if he is having any A fib with his heart. (too fast at times). Last week we went to the neurologist, they said he cannot be off aspirin for any length of time so to share that with
the surgeon.

He is just so different, I am sure he is overwhelmed with fear about if he will ever be well. He says it now and then. He sleeps a lot during the day and sometimes even when we are watching TV in the evening. We have not been in church a lot lately, he does not feel good in the mornings. We go on Wednesday evenings though.

I think he gets tired of everyone thinking he is fine and he does not tell them any different. I am sure it is getting to him. He just says I'm not in the hospital.

Anyway I am thankful you let me know about the boy's, I do love each of them. How is Aaron doing? How are you doing?

I wrote Jessica our mary-kay rep (LOL) to tell her I do want to order when you all order again. I found some cheek blush I like.

I love you Lori and I miss you too.



e-Mom said...

Such sad and stressful times for your Mom and step-Dad. The two adopted girls belong to them, right? (Precious.) Praise God they're believers--we can all look forward to new bodies in eternity.

lori said...


It has been a very long year for them. Yes, the girls belong to them. They are precious.

Jim said...

Thanks for the update, Lori. I'm sure your mom worries a lot, just as does your dad.
Since Mom is supposed to be especially strong now it must be all the harder for her.

Watch her closely and try to help her not neglect her own health.
My mom would always say she would doctor some more when Dad got his medical problems cared for.
Dad is now 97, Mom died in 1999 at 88.
All your parents are on my blogger prayer list and so are you guys. Really your whole family is.
Lifeline thought--it sure helps whoever in getting their house cleaned up when friends will be coming over.

Kristy said...

Oh Lori - what beautiful girls ( I remember you mentioning them before) they are precious!
Will be praying for your dear mother, bless her heart, shes going through a lot -and for your step-dad as well.

dot said...

Hi Lori! Your mother sounds like a wonderful person. (Just like you!) Will remember your family in my prayers.

Revee said...

Lori, we're keeping your mom and step-dad in our prayers. I hope that they both get a bit of rest soon!

Linda said...

I'll be praying for your family Lori. This is really a difficult time.

lori said...


Thank you for the reminder that I need to take care of my mom. She has here hands full right now and could use a friend and a daughter right now.

You are right about getting my house cleaned really well for lifeline. Monday's cleaning was so easy after having guest over on Sunday.


My adopted sister are very beautiful. It is so neat to watch them together. Shi Shi mother's Maali a great deal. It is so interesting to hear my mom talk about them.

Thank you for praying for my mom and my step-dad.


Thank you! It is so nice to have you back with us again. Don't leave us again, PLEASE!


Thank you Revee, I pray they get rest soon as well.


Thank you dear friend! I do feel very bad for them. My step-dad just retired not long before his heart surgery. It is just sad to see him stopped like this. God does have a way of slowing us down.