Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I am a knuckle head!

I'm back up and running!

Oh my, sometimes I have to wonder about myself. How in the world has my husband put up with me for the last 21 years? I am sure at times, he wonders how too!

I do have to laugh at myself for something really dumb I did yesterday. (My husband wasn't laughing) I sat down to "download" my pictures from this weekend and knocked out the plug to the keyboard. While trying to get it back in, I broke it. (Famous Family Matters line: Did I do that) We went tonight and purchased a cordless keyboard. My husband is a Computer Systems Specialist. He works on computers all day! You would think I would know how to plug in a keyboard.
I did tell him I was sorry. : )

I have to leave for work now, I'll journal as soon as I can.


dot said...

Sounds like something I'd do!

e-Mom said...

My husband and son are computer "experts" too... and they're so gracious with my technical "challenges." I had to laugh at your experience with the plug. Sometimes I forget to check the cords and cables when I have a system crash. They always say that's the first place to look for a problem. I always forget!

It was nice to read your step-Dad's note. I gather he and your Mom have been married since you were small? He sounds like a dear man and a believer. PTL!

lori said...


I am glad I am not alone. I thought I would be able to post all of my pics from last weekend all by myself. Hee, Hee. That was my first mistake.


How awesome to have to computer specialist in your family.

My Step-dad has been in my life since I was 6 years old. My mom left my dad for him. It was hard at first but I was a young girl