Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas at Loriannhouse's House!

The Jr. Christmas Cantata is over, the school concerts are done, the decorations are all up and my Christmas shopping is coming to and end. My Sailor received his Christmas package and my baby girl is coming home for good. Tonight, I'll be spending a bit of time wrapping presents but I wanted to take a minute and write about how much Christmas means to me. It's not the gifts that I get or the snow that is on the ground. It has nothing to do with that jolly man that you see at the malls.

This year for me it means a second chance. It means a chance to love, serve and show the people that are close to me how much they mean to me.

It is spending the money for someone to do one of my routes so I can spend that few extra hours with my husband during his vacation from work.

It is taking that second out of my day to listen to Boaz sing Silent night in German for the 10th time.

It is the chance to take that minute to make a cups of hot chocolate for the men in my life after they get done shoveling snow.

It is taking that second to listen to my grandson sing me his solo from the Christmas play, that one last time this year.

It is taking a minute to hug my boy's when they walk past me.

God has given me more time! I don't want to waste it on being upset or angry over things I can do nothing about. God opened up my eyes these last nine months as I battle with breast cancer. Each day I wake up. I thank Him for giving me one more day on this earth to serve Him and show other's how much I love them.

Don't waste your life on things that don't matter. Christ can change you today.

Christmas is Christ and His example to us! He loved us so much He gave His life so those who except Him will live forever. He died for me so I could have eternal life.

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

John 3:16

This is my home and all the wonderful things the Lord has blessed me with.
My sliding glass door where I like to put my Christmas cards.
One of my living room walls with my son John relaxing on the coach.

Our Christmas Tree 2008.

My two new items my husband bought me for my mantel.

Our fireplace plus my full mantel.

Our living room with all the pretty lights and Jimmy relaxing on our love seat.

Last but not least, this little thing was passed down from generation to generation. My grandma made one of these for all of us kids growing up. After I got married, I wanted my children to have one. My mom was kind enough to make one for our children. My grandma would tie hard candy to this; I loved butterscotch. Down below is what is written on it.

December first till Christmas is the longest time of year
seems as though it will never get here.
How many more days till Christmas its so mighty hard to count.
So this little candy ribbon will tell the exact amount
Untie a candy everynight when you finish your evening meal.
Start at the bottom of your ribbon only one then stop.
Now when you do this daily Christmas Eve will be here by the time you reach the top.

Every year at Christmas when I pull this out; I remember my Grandma and what Christmas is really all about. The love that she brought, the closeness I always felt, I don't know how to write down what is in my heart. I know she loved us with all of her heart and wanted us to stay close. I want to pass that little bit along to my children and grandchildren.

This is my Grandfather and Grandmother in May after they got married in 1945, What an adorable couple. My Grandparents were so good to us kids; They would take us Up North to there Cabin on the lake every summer until my Grandmother got sick with cancer when I was a young girl. She died of Breast Cancer when she was 54; I was 13 at the time. My Grandfather died of cancer when he was 73; I was 24.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures of your house!
Thank You for sharing Grandma and Grandpa.
If we could just all take a moment to see What is really important.
It is JESUS! How we relate to others.
Thank You for sharing.
May you be Blessed! Praying for Becca as she travels.

I Love You


Jim said...

I'm happy for you that your baby girl is coming home. But I'm sad for Texas that she is leaving.

We have an influx of people who come here for the economy. It happened last recession too, then they all went back when things got better. Don't know why.

Merry Christmas, things are slowing down on blogging here for a bit.

Greg C said...

Ok she reminds me of Barbara Stanwick in Christmas In Connecticut and the sailor outfit he has on makes it even more like that movie. Great memories.

Kathy said...

Merry Christmas Lori!

Jim said...

Hi Lori,
Happy New Year to y'all,