Thursday, November 06, 2008

Lots of Fun!

I've been keeping myself pretty busy lately but I wanted to post these recent pictures of my babies and give a little update on Bo's soccer team plus the Awana Grand Prix.

Boaz' soccer team finished second in his division. The boy's did a great job this year. I think Boaz is going to play indoor soccer starting in January. It has become a year round sport.

Boaz won first place in the Awana grand prix. That is first place in the T & T boy's and first place over all. He beat me by seconds, darn it. I wanted my name on the big trophy. LOL!! I have to get a picture of the trophy next Wednesday. He even wanted my favorite color (RED). I got stuck with green. I wonder if that is why I didn't win? Hmmmmm, there is always next year. Hee, Hee

I'm feeling good. I'm getting more and more energy back every day. YEA!!! Enough said about that.
This is Boaz the Pirate. He doesn't look like a very friendly pirate in the pictures.
This is, Donnie, my daughter-in-law's brother and the one who made the pirate costumes. This is Boaz and his hearty mate Joshua. Ahoy mate! This is my oldest grandson, Joshua. The blond pirate.
Oh no, it's Ba ba ba Batman! You look good, Ethan. This is my middle grandson.
Oh my! Here is my little Bumble bee, Jenna. She is so cute! Buzzzz! When we walked up to the doors, Jenna, would say. "Thanks for the candy". I had so much fun with her and the boy's.

Here is a picture of my lovely daughter and her work mates. They got to decorate their work stations to win a prize. They did walking with the stars! My star is the beautiful, and tallest women, she is the second one in, on the right hand side.