Friday, November 14, 2008

Cleaning for the Holiday's

I've been busy, busy, busy cleaning up my house. I started my holiday cleaning. I started with my front closet. I donated or threw away two big garbage bags full of clothes and junk. The guest room is all clean and ready for Rebecca's visit. My next stop is my boy's room! I have worked my way around the whole down stair of our house. The basement will be next! I'll make sure I take some before and after pictures.

This is the guest room. All neat and clean and ready for our daughter's visit.This is my front closet that I spent all evening on.
Different shot of the front closet.
This is the front view of my closet.
This is my living room. My husband moved all the furniture for me last night so I could wipe down all the windows and clean under everything. I then took the shop vac and went around baseboard and was able to get all the little things hiding in the cracks.

This is my Kitchen; The colors from the seventies but I love the size of the kitchen. I've been working hard to clean my floors and bookshelves. This is the rest of my kitchen. I'll show you a picture of the dining room when I get my carpet cleaned next week.


Amel's Realm said...

WOW!!! You've done A LOT of work indeed. Such a CLEAN house! HAVE FUN with your kidsss!!!!

Greg C said...

I wish I had a kitchen that big. Mine is tiny and only one person can work in it at a time. Take it easy on that cleaning now.

SJ said...

I'm so proud of you - great job! I have several closets in desperate need of decluttering. Maybe I'll be inspired enough by your example to get to work!

e-Mom said...

It's so welcoming and squeaky clean-looking. Good job, Lori! (I'll be right over.) :~D

Anonymous said...

Your making me feel guilty, I have been working on closets too but it is taking me forever! Yikes
It looks so nice and your house always looks good.


Kathy said...

You are inspiring me to get busy cleaning my house. It's got to be done and I just keep putting it off or not having the time!

groovyoldlady said...

Your kitchen is humungo like mine - lots of counters and floorspace to be thankful for (and occasionally to grumble about cleaning!).

Both my grown kids came home earlier this month (Scout leaves tomorrow), so we had our cleaning fest and Thanksgiving meal early. You know what that means?

I need to clean AGAIN!


Praise God that there are no dust bunnies in Heaven!

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