Thursday, October 23, 2008

My life is so Good!

Things are getting back to normal around our home now. Aaron called from the ship on Tuesday. He is in the middle of the Indian Ocean right now. He said that he is going to Bible study on Wednesday evenings. He wrote this in his email.

Aaron wrote "i went to bible study last night, they taught about building on the foundation. like you have to build down, before you go up. the higher you go, the deeper you go. it was really good. Rob and I got 1 person to come to bible study with us and hopefully two for Sunday service". I asked Aaron what he was learning on Sunday mornings. He wrote "last Sunday we went over punishment for sins, judgement day and other stuff along the same lines, we worked out of 1 kings for most of it". How that blessed my heart to hear him talking about spiritual things.

The holiday's are normally my favorite time of year. My brother called today to let me know that he won't be having Thanksgiving at his house. We have spent at least the last five years together as a family. I understand that he and his family have to give up a lot of time to get their home ready to have all of us over. The family is really to big for that anyway. Many of our kids have kids and kids have boy friends.... At first, I was very sad about this. I love spending time with family. Who knows how much longer any of us have? Regardless of how I feel, my home is just not big enough to have everyone here. Now that I have had time to think about it. I decided I am not going to let it rob me of my joy. I have been happy all week because tomorrow is my last Chemo treatment. Hip, Hip Hooray! I have so much to be Thankful for this year, regardless if things change or not.

For starters, my baby girl is coming home for Thanksgiving. I talked to Becca today. My darling daughter is doing fabulous! We talked about all the things we are going to do when she is here. Bec is even going to give me my first hair cut. I think it might be long enough when she comes to at least get a little trim. Could a mother be anymore blessed!

Aaron and Becca won't be coming home for Christmas. BooHOO! I'm finally adjusting to all of this. I understand that my children might not always be here with me for the holiday's or even live around me. I know they really wants to be home with us but it will be o.k. Our bond goes much deeper than the miles between us.

As for me! I've been pretty busy with the Jr. Choir Christmas Cantata right around the corner plus everything else I am involved in. I've just been really busy! Our Awana grand prix is November 2nd so there are cars that need to be painted. I also love spending time with my family and friends; it brings me much joy to do so! With Thanksgiving coming up and Christmas right around the corner, my paper route has been booming. Let's just say "BIG PAPERS" lots of adds. I'm not complaining, it sure keeps me busy this time of year. By the time November hits, I'll have to start delivering my advances ahead of time on Sunday mornings. It normally only lasts until January.

I'd better run and get Boaz from soccer practice! His team is 5-2 right now. He has three more games to play still.

I almost forgot the most important thing of all! My husband bought me A carrot cake and muffin on Saturday. I think it was just because he loves me. Could a woman ask for anything more!

Life is good!

This reminds me of what God has done for me:

John 3:16 says that He loved the world so much that He gave His only Son. His Son is Jesus Christ. God saw that we had all sinned and that sin must be punished, but He loves us too much to let us all die. To account for our sins, He sent Jesus to come into this world to die so we wouldn't have to. We have done nothing to deserve this, but it is a gift from God. Jesus came to this earth and not only revealed more to us about the character of God, but, took our place in death for our sins.

The gift I received from my husband was a very thoughtful gift. I did nothing that would cause my husband to buy me the cake and bring it up to church while I was working with the Jr. Choir. He is just a very loving, precious man.

The gift that the Lord has given us, is way beyond what I can even imagine. It was a gift from God. I didn't deserve it and did nothing to earn it. I am so thankful to Him for giving me the gift of salvation.

Living for the simple things in life: Being Thankful


Greg C said...

Great post Lori. I love how you put it all together at the end. You are truly blessed and so am I. Thanks for the wonderful post today.


LZ Blogger said...

Lori ~ Sounds like LIFE is GOOD! God is good! Uplifting post. ~ jb///

Kristy said...

You are precious my friend!
I recently met a person who was telling me about how his mom has cancer, and that they always forget she does because she is always so full of Joy.
I wanted to ask him;
"Is her name Lori?"
Blessings on you, sweet gal!

e-Mom said...

A wonderful report, Lori! I'm grinning from ear-to-ear.((Hugs))

Amel's Realm said...

SOrry to hear that Aaron and Becca can't be there for X-mas, but you're a blessed woman indeed. :-))) I always LOVE the positive tone in your posts and how close you are to God. :-))))