Friday, October 03, 2008

Life After Chemo

Just some thoughts: These are some questions that I have been asked. "Do you think about your cancer everyday and are you scared? I can honestly say "NO." I've always been fairly upbeat and positive about everything. I have my times but I don't think excessive worrying is going to do much good in this situation. I can honestly say there are times I forget that I have cancer. I turned all of this over to the Lord months ago. Even this last bought with reaction I was having to the Taxol treatments. I really didn't know what to do but it was all in His hands. I am now on a Chemo called Abraxane. It is a form of Taxol but without all the side effects that I have been having.

After the shock, I can really say I've had such a sense of peace about everything: the diagnosis, the treatment and all my caregivers. For that I am so very thankful. I think I mentioned way back in the beginning that I just feel this is something in my life I've got to get through. I've talked to so many folks who do nothing but feel SHEER PANIC. That would be horrible. In some ways I'm a totally different person than I was in March of last year when CANCER became such an integral part of my life, but I think the differences are positive rather than negative. I may not have been a worrier, but I've definitely always been an over-achiever. If I did it; it had to be the best. You know that saying "Stop and smell the roses?" Hey, that's what life is all about. Slow down, don't fret the small stuff and appreciate/cherish/embrace every positive aspect of your life. Do what you can -- the rest is going to be there tomorrow -- and if not tomorrow, the next day. Somehow I just never learned that before now. I have learned to take "One day at a time".

LIFE AFTER CHEMO: I will start my radiation treatments three weeks after my last Chemo. My last Chemo is on October 24Th, 08. I should be finished with all of my treatments the middle of January 09.

My hair continues to grow and thicken each week. It is about 1/8 inches long at this time. From what I've read -- and, believe me, I've read alot -- research is trying to find a chemo treatment that won't cause hair loss. I'm here to tell you that would be a GOOD thing! It's pretty traumatic looking at your BALD self in the mirror. I think/I pray I've handled it pretty well, but so many ladies really have a major problem with this. I CAN REALLY UNDERSTAND WHY! I've searched everything that I could get my hands on to find out how fast my hair will grow back. I wonder if fertilizer would help the head hair? OK, I'm just being silly! There is little to no information on how quickly hair grows back other than 6 months to a year. I wanted to know how much there would be after a month, two months, three months, etc. Time will tell!

I'm sorry I'm so far behind in my updates. Life didn't stop for me when I found out I had cancer. It really was just the beginning! I'm busy enjoying my family and helping others in need. I praise the Lord every day that He is not finished with me. I think back on my life before March 17, 08. My pre-cancer days. I'm trying to learn and grow from my mistakes and I am putting the past, in the past. I don't know what the future holds but I do know that I am going to enjoy each and every day that the Lord give me.

There is life after Cancer/Chemo.


Amel's Realm said...

POWERFUL post, Lori!!! I also started learning to enjoy one day at a time when I moved to Finland. Plus I also started not taking things too seriously and laughing at my own mistakes. If I hadn't moved to Finland, I wouldn't have learnt all these lessons.

GOOD LUCK on your treatment and GLAD to hear that your hair continues to grow!!!! ;-D


heiresschild said...

hi Lori, you are always such an encouragement and source of inspiration and strength to me when i come here. you help me to reflect on life and its priorities, though there have been things in my life to help me with that also.

my brother just had his 2nd year cancer-free after undergoing treatment for breast cancer. thru it, he became closer to God.

yes, there is life after cancer/chemo. blessings!

Jim said...

Lori, the Lord is using you every moment of your dear life. He has blessed you very much too though it may sometimes be hard for you to count those blessings when things are so, so wrong.

I am glad you told us "turned all of this over to the Lord months ago." I have done this with not so serious matters and it just plain works. Not always like I want, but God is taking charge.

The good from cancer from a friend of ours who never ever even wanted to talk about God, let alone salvation or Heaven came a few weeks ago. She was saved for the Lord. We were all so happy, but she never would listen until things got really tough.

Jim said...

Another matter --
I have given you an award for you and your blog. You deserve it.

I notice that you don't post your awards on the side, I don't mine either. And it doesn't matter if you do or not, the award is yous.

I gave it to you tonight, come get it when you have a chance.

Greg C said...

My brother in law's hair came back in very curly after his Chemo. He let it grow into an afro just because he could. Shortly after though he cut it and now it is back to it's normal state. He is still doing great and you will be too I am sure. Still praying for you Lori.


LZ Blogger said...

Lori ~ What an EXCELLENT attitude you have to all of this! ~ jb///

Kristy said...

You are amazing.
I recently talked with a friend who's mother has cancer - he told me that they all always forget she has it because she's always so full of JOY.
It's a choice we make, isn't it?
You radiate Christ, my friend.
Blessings ~

Kristy said...
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e-Mom said...

Lori, you just amaze and encourage me. You're the BEST! Your attitude is awesome, and I know you have a huge group of supporters to keep you going too. I hope your hair grows back even prettier than before. You are truly a woman of immense faith, which I recognized a long time ago...

BTW, I'm feeling a lot better since discovering I've been suffering from SAD. I sure need bright sunshine like air and water! I think all the stress of dealing with my sick Dad (now recovered) and then our daughter's wedding left me really worn out. My latest blog entry explains a little more about it. Thanks for asking. :~D

BTW, I've tagged you for a meme. ((Hugs))