Sunday, February 24, 2008

Trip to Chicago/Praise Report

I took Friday and Saturday off of work to watch my grandchildren so my son, Bret, & my daughter-in-law, Jess, could get away for the weekend. (I loved every minute of it) They visited Chicago! While they were there they were able to pick Aaron up (My son that is in the Navy) on Saturday and spend a fun day with him. He was so excited to be with family. It is so strange having my grown children visiting each other. (How did I get so old) This is all just so new to me! There were so many changes in my life this last year, nothing bad, just different. It's just taking me a little while to adjust to it all. I'm getting better, No more tears!

Praise Report

I wanted to update everyone on my husband's MRI and Blood work. The MRI showed that his Brain tumor is Stable. The doctor is going to adjust his medication and check his blood in three months.

Prayer Request

My mom has to go on Thursday for a Biopsy on her thyroid gland. I would be very grateful if you'll could pray for her.

Surprise Birthday pictures from my Mom
This picture is a little dark but this is Bret entering the party.
The Birthday boy with daughter Jenna.
Bret & his lovely wife Jessica.
Bret & his Mama (ME)
This is a picture of Jessica's family.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Praise, I am so Thankful the report came good with his blood tests and that the tumor is stable. God is so Good!


e-Mom said...

PTL your husband's tumor is stable. :~D

I loved all your photos. Yes, I agree, Brett has a really nice smile. And YOU look like you could be his wife. You have such youthful vibrancy! (Don't tell Jessica.)


groovyoldlady said...

It still surprises me that I have to look UP to my son (he's 21). Looks like you have the same problem!

PTL about your husband's tumor!

I'm praying for your Mom: for peace in her heart, for accuracy in the test, and for wisdom for her doctor.

Kathy said...

Thank God for your husband's good report! You are so cute and young!!

Lori said...


I'm praying for you! Thanks for the pictures, I know you were busy last week. It was my fault I forgot my camera.

Love you,



Thank you! I am very relieved too!

I won't tell my daughter-in-law. We will keep that a blogging secret. Thanks for the compliment : )




Thank you for praying for my mom, husband and me.

Your the best,



Thank you, you make me feel so young. I think I'll go work-out. Hee, Hee

Love Ya,