Friday, December 21, 2007

Oh Holy Night by David Phelps

The flu bug has spread its ugly germ through our house the past week and a half.

I came down with it on Sunday. As we all know from having the flu, you really can't go far from home when this bug hits. I'll leave that alone!

In my down time I've been wrapping the rest of the Christmas gifts and listening to the Gaither Vocal Band Christmas DVDs.

One of my all time favorite Christmas Carols is "Oh Holy Night"

David Phelps and Josh Groban come in very close to being my favorite male singers.

I get chills when I hear David Phelps sing this song.

Have a blessed weekend!

I have to post one more post on Christmas morning. I told my daughter I would take a picture of the tree with all of the gifts under it before we open our them on Christmas morning.

BTW- My Sailor made it home safe and sound last night.


Neva said...

Hope you are all feeling better by now! Praise God for the safe return of your son!
I love O Holy Night too! John Berry does a real good job with it.

Have a Merry Christmas, my sister,


Lori said...


We are feeling a lot better now. My poor son and daughter-in-law are in Florida for their 10 year wedding Anniversary and they have all had the flu. My daughter-in-law said the kids are asking to please come home.

I'll have to find that version of O Holy Night and take a listen.

Merry Christmas to you too!

Kathy said...

I'm glad your sailer made it home! I know how good that makes you feel. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Lori said...


Thank you! It is so nice to have him home for a while. We got to play cards tonight. The boy's were playing pool while I did my workout downstairs.

oHHHHHH how wonderful it was to hear all the goofing around that the boy's always do when they are all together.