Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Christmas Cantata pictures and more Home Pictures It's Christmas time at Lori's Place.

The Cantata is over; The children did such a wonderful job. Here are some pictures I took at our dress rehearsal. Boaz is the boy standing to the left of the three girls in the center stage. He played Happy Christmas. I wish I could put the DVD of the play on this blog for you'll to see but due to copy right issues, I don't think it can be done.
Don't mind my mess all over the floor!

I received these roses and a gift card to Lonestar from the Jr. choir children and parents for my help with the Cantata.
Yesterday, I worked really hard and got our kitchen decorated for Christmas. This is my kitchen sink.
Our sliding glass doors is where I put I tape Christmas cards.
This is a little plan, I think it needs something.

I added a little touch to our living room walls.
The finished Christmas Tree.
The count down to Christmas!
Last but not least, this little thing was passed down from generation to generation. My grandma made one of these for all of us kids growing up. After I got married, I wanted my children to have one. My mom was kind enough to make one for our children. Boaz had suckers handing from it but they kept falling off. My grandma would tie hard candy to this; I loved butterscotch. Down below is what is written on it.

December first till Christmas is the longest time of year
seems as though it will never get here.
How many more days till Christmas its so mighty hard to count.
So this little candy ribbon will tell the exact amount
Untie a candy everynight when you finish your evening meal.
Start at the bottom of your ribbon only one then stop.
Now when you do this daily Christmas Eve will be here by the time you reach the top.

Every year at Christmas when I pull this out; I remember my Grandma and what Christmas is really all about. The love that she brought the closeness I always felt, is something I will never be able to write down on paper for all of you to know what is in my heart.

Once again, "Merry Christmas" to you all.


MaMa said...

What a wonderful Cantada. We enjoyed it so much. The girls loved it.
It is such a blessing to see our Lori and her children so involved in God's work.
This Cantada was done once before when our Becca was in it. It was an answer to Prayer since we were contemplating adoption. The message from this was loud and clear.
We are so excited to see our precious family this time of year.
The gift that Jesus came to give is something we all can be So thankful for.
That is the gift I see in the love of family and surrounding ourselves with that love.
Thank You my daughter for your precious love.


Lori said...

Your welcome mom! I just wanted to thank you all for coming to the play. Boaz was so happy to see you guys and Jessica and family.

Sunday morning, Derik's family and Betty came.

It sure blessed my heart to see all of you sacrifice your time for us. That sure is what it is all about.

Jesus example to us is one that isn't always easy to follow. I was really blessed to see every care so much about us to come.

Thanks again and you know that I love you lots.

Your daughter,


Kathy said...

You really do have the spirit of Christmas at your home.

Amel's Realm said...

Ohhhhh...I LOVE the pics and Kathy's right. The Christmas spirit in your home is VERY strong indeed.

Such lovely roses you got there and I LOVE all the Christmas decorations mmmmmm...

Choc Mint Girl @ Crystal said...

I couldn't breathe!!! He he...I could feel the magical of Christmas surround you...This is such a wonderful post about Christmas, Lori. I LOVE it!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Jim said...

That Christmas Cantata really did go well, and you were responsible. Roses even!
I'm glad you are getting ready for Christmas. We are slower around here.

e-Mom said...

You're just like a kid! I love your enthusiasm. Christmas at your place is like a storybook wonderland. :~D

With our empty nest this year, we're feeling kind of slowwww and lazzzy.

Hugs, e-Mom

Lori said...


Thanks you! I love the Christmas holiday and everything that goes along with it.

Christ is the risen for the season!

Lori said...

Amel's Realm and Choc Mint Girl @ Crystal,

You two young ladies make me smile. Your so full of energy and spunk. Thank you for the very nice comments about my decorations. Choc Mint girl thank you also for the awards. I love them.

Lori said...

Hi Jim,

Yes, I directed the music and did the choregraphy plus I helped a lot with the props and the set.

I loved every minute of it. The children did such a great job.

I directed the Jr. Choir 10 years ago, I picked the out the play we did then. Loved it then and loved it now.

Lori said...
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Lori said...


I'm just a kid at heart. Tried growing up a while back but I didn't like it much. : ) It is just no fun. I do like to have lots and lots of fun.

Will you spend Christmas with your children?

3:59 AM

Jan Parrish said...

Your home looks great. Maybe you could move one of those bows over to the one you think looks plain. :) just an idea.

What an awesome production.

Have a blessed Christmas.

Lori said...

Jan Parrish,

I think you are right, I need to move a bow or two.

I pray you have a blessed Christmas as well.