Thursday, June 08, 2006

A good school year for Boaz

Today marked the end of another school year. Boaz was very upset to leave all his class mates and his teacher. His teacher made a DVD of all the events that took place this school year. Boaz asked me if I would sit down and watch it with him. He was making comments throughout the whole thing. It was very hard for him to sit and watch it. He cried at the end of it, the DVD showed pictures of each of his class mates. I got tears in my eyes as well, knowing how close he got to his teacher and friends. His teacher wrote the children a poem, Boaz waited until I got home tonight to have me read it to him. He started to cry again, I had to hold back my own tears.
Boaz went around to all of his class mates and hugged them all before the end of school today. My husband said that I have made Boaz just like me. I guess it could be worse.
I do have to say it was a good school year for Boaz.

Boaz had another game tonight. YA!!! They won!

Boaz got the game ball for his hits.

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