Monday, June 19, 2006

Awesome Last game of the Season

Tonight's game I have to say was the best game of the season. Bottom of the fifth brought a tie game. Top of the sixth, three up three down. Bottom of the sixth three up three down.(It is now a tie game, which lead us into over-time). Same with the seventh. Top of the eighth, runner on first, pop fly, the ball was caught, batter out. Two infield grounde'rs batter's out. Bottom of the eighth, bottom of our batting order. A kid that hasn't hit the ball all season hit, and got on first base. Next, two batters were walked. Bases loaded, one out, top of our batting order. Top batter, little hit to the infield, out at first. Second batter ripes the ball to the outfield, scored all four runner, game over we won. I think mom aged ten years watching this game. For 9 and 10 year olds I have to say this was almost as good as watching the pros. Our coaches are the top guys over base ball in our town. I had so much fun playing ball. My uncle Matt was one of the coached for the other team. He is a great coach. We have a pool party on Wednesday evening to end the season. I can't wait.

We get our Trophies on Friday night.

Just in case anyone wants to know. I got two hits.


Mom said...

I had so much fun watching you this year. I am sad it is base ball is over. The pool party should be lots of fun.

Mark said...

It has been nice following your baseball season.

lori said...

Mark, thank you for reading my blog!