Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Boaz and his teacher

I took Boaz to the store to buy a lunchable and his teacher some flowers. Boaz picked out a beautiful mixed bouquet of flowers. This is pretty funny; Bo asked me before we went into the store, if he could get some playing cards incase it rained. I told Boaz we needed to find the cards and get him to school. He went to the card department and started reading the cards. He said he found the prefect card. I said, I thought you wanted playing cards. He said, oh yea! that's right. I had to laugh out loud at that. (He was reading birthday cards for thirty year olds) When Boaz came home from school he said his teacher was thirty, it was for her.

I went in to school with Boaz so I could help him carry all of his things. We put the flowers on the teacher's desk, she was in the class next door. Boaz told her he wanted her to have flowers as a thank you for being such a good teacher. She started crying, which made Boaz start crying.
I know we made the right choice to move Boaz to this school. His teacher was wonderful.
She had so much energy and spunk. I have to say, it was a good year for Boaz. His report card was GREAT!! Almost all excellent's.

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