Saturday, June 28, 2008

My little get Away

I wanted you all to know that I won't be posting anymore Cancer updates on "Living for the simple thing in life" blog. I want to leave this blog open to write about my Walk with the Lord, family, home, friends and loved ones. What I've been up to and just a fun relaxing time to get away from it all.

I did open up my Cancer blog this A.M. I will write in it daily for anyone who is wondering how I am doing. You can just click on my profile and hit "My Journey with Cancer".

See Ya


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I 1st thought you were leaving this blog(!) but I'm glad it's moving on. :)

Jim said...

Hi Lori -- I like the looks of your new template. Was it a switch to the new blogger and that makes it easier also?
I'll check on you at both places.
We are on the road, but close to home fomorrow for ONE DAY. Even on the road, I think of a lot and you and your family are on my prayer list.

Anonymous said...

How Awesome is our GOD who is carrying someone I Love so very Much through each day. I Praise Him that He has allowed me to be the Mother of this beautiful daughter who shines in so many wonderful ways.
Thank You Lord and Please continue to Bless Lori and her family as they go through this journey.
I am here anytime you need me! And I am Thankful to be your Mom.


Lori said...

Hey J,

Nope not giving up my blog. Just had to move the trial to a different one.


thanks for praying! I know it is working. People are amazed at how good I'm doing. Please keep it up!

You and MRs. Jim have a great trip, I'll be by to get updates.


You are such a dear. I love you very much.

Your daughter,