Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What took place at my Physical

I think I'm strong enough now to tell my story! I'm only going to tell this story so that all of you women reading my blog will not put off getting your yearly check-ups. If I can save one woman from all of this, it will be well worth sharing my story.

About two months ago I went to the doctor's office because I felt a lump in my left breast. It had been there for a bit and I thought I'd better get it checked out. My grandmother was diagnosed with Breast cancer in her 40's.

I went for my check-up Monday morning March 17, 2008. It was St.Patrick's day 2008. I didn't tell them about the lump when I called, I just told them I needed a physical. After I got checked in, I told them about the lump. The Nurse that did my physical wasn't happy. I got a very long. long lecture! I tried to explain why I waited so long before I came to see the Doctor. Oh, I thought it would just go away after a bit. If you have read my blog for any length of time you will know I keep myself very busy. Always something else I should be doing. After much nagging from my Daughter-in-law and my Mom, (You know I love you both very much) I decided I'd better make an appointment.

The next day (Tuesday March 18th, 2008) the nurse sent me to get a Mammogram and Ultra sound on the lump. I had several pictures taken! I was then placed in a waiting room with a group of women all dressed in the same hospital shirt; with all of them having the same frightened look on their faces. One by one the women's names were called. They were told they were free to go or that they needed to get more pictures taken. It was a bit spooky waiting for them to tell ME I was good or I had to go get more pictures. Well, I being one of the lucky ones had to get more pictures taken.

I was then moved to another room where a woman sat crying. She was the only one in this room. I felt so sorry for this poor woman, I said a silent prayer for her at that moment. It was then my turn to have an Ultra sound. After everything, they sat me down in a conference room (I knew this could not be a good thing) and the Radiologist told me I had cancer. They showed me my pictures and where the Cancer was. They told me I needed to find a surgeon. It really didn't hit me at that moment what it all meant and how my life would begin to change.

Finding a surgeon: This is a story I will wait to tell. How I found my surgeon was a bit of a miracle.

They then sent me to have an MRI because my Breasts are dense; Meaning they can't see through them. I was then sent to get the tumor biopsied. I was told it wouldn't hurt very much; well it hurt pretty bad. They take what looks to be a big dart gun, it is shot through the breast into the tumor and it takes out tissue. They did this in four different areas of the tumor. Ouch, ouch and ouch! I had seven children with no medication so I tryed to take it like a man.

This is just the start of what would be a long two months! More in my next post.


amy said...

I will start praying for you now!1

Anonymous said...

Nagging Yes, but Praying more!
You are so loved and so brave.
I have been Blessed by the most precious daughter and I know God will carry you through each day.
You will be okay and all the Praise will go to HIM our Lord and Savior.
I Love You Precious daughter!
Love MaMa

Greg C said...

I will say a prayer for you as well. I nagged my wife and she got her checkup last week, She, like you keep putting it off. We are still waiting on the results but so far, so good.

Kristy said...

You have been on my heart and mind a lot, I knew there was a reason for that!
Know that there is quite a few folks out here in blogland who love, and are praying, for you....
Blessings ~

Lori said...

Amy, Mom, Greg and Kristy,

Thank you for your prayers. Right now I'm really doing pretty good. I am getting more of my strength back everyday.

life is good!

Anonymous said...

Lori, I read this post in Bloglines yesterday, and I was just blown away by your news, with no time to comment.

It sounds like you are over some of the shock of it all, while the rest of us are just getting up to speed. Forgive me if I pause to catch my breath...

Anyhoo, it sounds like you're in good hands, and you're going to go through this like a champ. Fortunately you have such strong family support, and you will never feel alone.

I'll keep you in my prayers. God loves you and cares for you dearly. Cast all of your cares upon Him, as I know you will.

((((HUGE hugs))))


Amel's Realm said...

Oh dear...I've missed quite of your posts...you're a STRONG woman with a GREAT sense of humor. GOD bless you, Lori!!! I'll remember you in my prayers so that everything works out well and that you're given strength all through the way...