Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm feeling Great! Little Bald humor from my son and grandson.

I forgot to include in my post yesterday that I am feeling great! I'm back singing on the Worship team. Friday I started back doing both of my routes and my janitors job. Everything is healing up nicely. Oh, life is good.

God has been very, very good to me.

I'll finish telling my story soon but right now I have to run and get Boaz from his soccer practice.

You might think I'm whacked-out but here are a few funny comments from my son Bo and Ethan regarding me losing my hair from the Chemo. Hey, what can I say. I have to keep laughing. I refuse to let this destroy my life or my personality.

Boaz wanted to know about the Chemo so my husband and I told him that the oncologist told us the worse thing I'm really going to have to deal with is my hair loss. Boaz looked at me and said, "Dad is not going to want to sleep with you with a bald head. If he reaches over to rub your shoulder, he won't know if it is your bald head or your shoulder." I could not stop laughing at his comment. A little while later we turned the lights off to go to sleep. My husband reached out and started rubbing my shoulder. I said "How do you know if your rubbing my shoulder or my head". Hee, hee

Last night we went to my oldest Grandson's soccer game. It was a bit cold out last night so my husband brought blankets for me to cover up with. Ethan jumped up on my lap and got underneath the blankets. He kept staring at me with a funny little look on his face. I finally asked why he was looking at me so funny.

Remember he is only 5.

He said, "That looks real." I said, "What looks real." He said, "I know Nana that you have a bald head." he said, "Your hair, it looks real." I said, "Ethan, this is my real hair." He said, "Your not going to go bald? What if you do, if it is windy will your hair blow off." I assured him if my hair blows off, he needs to run and get it as fast as possible because it cost me $165.00. He asked me to tell him more funny story about my wig. We are going to be just fine. My family loves me for me not for my hair or how I look.

If that is all I have to look forward to with Chemo, I think I will just keep laughing about it.

I almost forgot the most important thing. My grandson scored a goal! Whooohooooo Goooooooo Josh!!

Blessings to you all!


Anonymous said...

You have a great attitude! Very funny family. :~D

Anonymous said...

Oh Lori
I am so Thankful you have those boys to keep you smiling.
God is Good and HE knows how to carry you through all of this.
It is hard for me to know my precious daughter has to deal with so much and yet I know God will take care of you as He already has.
I am so Thankful you are feeling good. You are so loved!


Greg C said...

Wow, what a great attitude. Keep that attitude and never forget that God loves you. This too will pass and one day you will look back and remember those jokes. You may not know it but I volenteer each year at camp happy days which is a camp for children with Cancer. I am really impressed at the attitudes those kids have. I keep a picture on my wall of some of them to remind me how good I have it and that I never have reason to complain about anything. God bless you,


Amel's Realm said...

YOu have a WONDERFUL family...I'm glad they have helped you through all this...and you're beautiful no matter what. :-))))

SJ said...

How sweet! Kids are so good at making you smile. I'm glad you're keeping your sense of humor through all this.

Jan Parrish said...

Oh my goodness, Lori, I had no idea. I'll begin praying right now! Still reading through.