Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yippee My Turn

Okay I already read this to Lori, she said post it Mom.
I had the privilege of hearing from AJ.

Hey Grandma,Grampa and all

Hows everyone. I am doing fine. Its pretty fun here when where not working out.LOL Its kind of like High School with evil teachers that make you work out. (this boy is so funny).
We had to get a shot in the butt, and it hurt for like 4 days. I could hardly get in and out of my bunk.
Love you and tell everyone else HI.

As soon as we got he letter we all stood around it while I read it. You would have thought it was from the President or something.

Well he is a very important person our AJ and we all love him a lot.

Hope all of you are doing fine!

L's MaMa


dot said...

That's a cute letter! I'm glad he has time to write and let everyone know how he's doing.

Lori said...

Hi Mom,

When I got home from Awana last night, I printed this off to show Jim. He got a chuckle out of too! Thanks for posting it.

Love Ya lots,


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this letter so much.
I know you miss him, yet he is still our AJ and that is to me awesome.

Still Mr Funny


donna said...

Hi Lori....stopping by to say hello....praying all is well.


Amel's Realm said...

AWWWW that is SUCH a nice moment for everybody. I enjoy reading AJ's letter, too!!!