Thursday, September 13, 2007

My day and a letter from my Boy!

I had three very special young people over today. One was my grandson Ethan and the other two were a dear friend of mines son's. Dominic (4) and Christian (2) I picked them all up after I dropped Bo off at the bus stop today. We did many special things today! We made cookies, watched Jungle book, played outside, and ate lunch together. I had all of them for three fun hours! I only worked one job today so I could get home in time to pick Bo up from soccer. I did pick Ethan back up after my route so he could spend the night tonight.

As I write all of this, my husband comes to my mind! How blessed I am to have a man that works hard so I can be at home in the mornings and get my grandchildren and adopted grandchildren. I can take time off of work and not have to worry if our bills will be paid. I have a husband that is willing to work two jobs and never complain so I can do the things I love to do so much. God has blessed me with a loving, sweet, kind husband. He has blessed me with a man that is always building me up not tearing me down. What more could I ask for in a man? I am very happy with the one the Lord has blessed me with. I am a very happy and blessed woman.

I have been watching the mail every day for another letter from Aaron. I finally received one today. Made me about cry again!

This is what he wrote:

Hey Everyone,

How's everyone doing? Doing fine here. It gets hard at times because people never shut up. We have IT'd 4 times a day and were not even on 1-1 day of training yet. Food is really good. Marching is kind of fun at times. I am one of the only ones who can make their bunks in the time limit, 12 mins, and not get in trouble. Well, I'm out of time so I love you all and I'll see you in 2 months.

I believe Grad is near October 30.

See Ya later,


P.S. Say Hi to Jake and ALL. (Neighbor kids and all his friend's)

It wasn't much and I didn't understand half of it, but it sure helps me as a mom to get through this time, just knowing he is alright. Two months seems like such a long time.


Linda said...

How precious those letters are. Sounds like he's doing well Lori. I'm so glad you got that letter!!

Amel's Realm said...


Glad to hear that Aaron's fine. ;-D Being a mother is SO tough, eh?

I'm also HAPPY to hear about your husband. HURRAY to WONDERFUL guys out there!!! ;-D

Have a blessed weekend!!!


Kathy said...

I am so happy that you received that special letter! As a mom, I understand how much it means to you. And I agree that you are truly blessed to have the kind of husband you have. I also have a wonderful man who works two jobs and loves me with all his heart.

Revee said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day, Lori! I'm glad you received a letter from your son. :)

Lori said...


I live for those letters right now. I will be a basket case by the time my last one leaves the nest.

Amel's realms,

Thank you! I have a wonderful family. I love getting news from Aaron.


Thank you! I know I'm not alone in how I am hurting over Aaron leaving the nest. I do know this will be good for him. I just miss him dearly.


I did have a good day! I am very blessed that is for sure. Almost as wonderful as I feel when I read your blog.