Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Daughter is getting Married

John and Becca

My baby girl is getting married in February. I am so excited for my daughter but sad for her me. When I think of all the things that are going to change around our house, it just makes me almost want to cry. I am so happy for Becca and John is a sweetheart and a wonderful man.

When my daughter walks in the room she lights up the place. She has a terrific smile and a very bubbly laugh, big and hardy like her mama's. My daughter is a hair dresser, now who is going to keep me looking good? Who is going to wax me? Buy me the best shampoos? who, who who?? That's what I would like to know? Hello! our girls night out? This is just not going to work. I am changing my mind as I write.

My girl will be a beautiful bride.


Amel said...

Oh, CONGRATS for the both of them. You've got lots to celebrate indeed!!! Becca is very beautiful just like you. :-D May God bless the union.

Lori said...

Thnak you, Amel.