Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Week before Christmas

Boaz's last year in the Jr. Christmas Cantata is over, the band concert is done, the decorations are all up and my Christmas shopping is coming to and end. My Sailor is home!! I am so happy, I have two days off my full time job to spend with my hubby and son. Tonight, I'll be going out with the family shopping trying to finish up that last bit of shopping. I really need to spend a bit of time wrapping presents but that will just have to wait.

My house is so full of fun and laughter right now! All my children will be together again this year for Christmas. I can't wait to hear all of them raze each other about silly things. The boy's have already wrestled each other to see how much stronger they are since the last time Aaron was home.

I'm having a good day!


Greg C said...

We are in the same boat. The concerts are over and the shopping is done. Now we can relax and enjoy our time together. I am so glad your sailor was able to come home for Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your family Lori.

Jim said...

Merry Christmas, Lori! Merry Christmas to the whole family! I am so glad you will have them all there for Christmas.

It is nice to see you update too. I would sneak over here and all was quiet for so long.
You are a very busy woman. We all know that. I do hope you are liking your work.

Thank you too, for posting that 'Who started Christmas story.'

GarthStich said...

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Anonymous said...

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Choc Mint Girl said...

Hi, Lori!

How are you and your family? Haven't been here for quite a long time already. Hope your Christmas was merrier and wishing you and loved ones a Happy New Year! May this year and the years to come will be better in everything! :-)

Anonymous said...

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Kristy said...

I've been wanting to leave a comment - you sure got some strange ones on here!
Things are going WONDERFUL - but: How are YOU ????I miss you and your sweet bloggy posts my friend.
I have a new blog (check out my profile) God certainly has been up to a lot within our family amazing!
Love to you.
Hope all is well.
Blessings ~

末迷 said...

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